Blackberry First Aid

24-11-10_053724-11-10_0558This is a few years old now.24-11-10_1856  I was staying with some friends in BC, my gracious Hostess had a blackberry with a cracked screen cover.  so i set to work.  the little town we were in didn’t have access to spare parts and i’m impatient.  i didn’t want to permanently mar the case given that an oem replacement could be E-bayed for cheap, I had to get creative, and thus a novel experiment in composite materials.  The screen cover i cut from a transparent piece of polypropylene that was packaging for a thumbdrive.  It’s adhered to the case with cotton surgical tape.  this i then covered with a mixture of acetate plastic and various polymerizing agents commonly known as sally hansen clear nail polish.  i was remarkably pleased with the result.


Hello World.

Hello interblag, while cleaning out my junk drawer and my digital camera I decided to finally share my thoughts, inventions and hacks with the world at large.